discover. {bliss}.

hello, daydream:
a clawfoot tub
a sunny yellow kitchen
a belly up kitten in the late sun
a painted wooden porch swing
slow dance in the backyard
a cheerful goldfinch song
fireflies in the grass
banana bread & chamomile tea
a sleeping puppy
an old barn for a studio
the baby in a wash tub
the prairie's morning dew.
{by Katie Daisy.}

{emma loo photography}

Carolina summertime.

Carolina summertime.

i absolutely love my job. & here’s some of the reasons why. 

ok, now I wish me & my sister had these kind of pictures when we were kids.


check out the BRAND NEW Emma Loo Photography logo!
It’s simple, yet classic. I love it! 

check out the BRAND NEW Emma Loo Photography logo!

It’s simple, yet classic. I love it! 

welcome everyone!

I’m so very excited to be releasing my brand new blog out for everyone here on tumblr.  Yes, I know it’s a bit of a change, but for the better! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to use this site to tell of everything that is going on in the world of emma loo photography! 

There will be tons of pictures posted, {sneak peeks} put up, plans, and even a look into my personal side of life! I can’t wait for you to follow me on this journey together! I am thrilled that you want to join me!

So take a seat back and subscribe to this page…that way when I post new stuff on here-you’ll be the very first to know! 

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with {bliss}.


find {bliss}.

it’s funny to me how your life can change at any second of your life.  I wasn’t planning on this path that I’m going down, in fact I wasn’t planning on taking this path at all.  I was going to be a teacher, or a lawyer (like the kind on Jerry McGuire!), or a nurse, or a business woman…I was going to travel the world. Make lots of money.  Put my career before anything else. 

but now. 

it almost seems surreal, but I can’t do that sort of thing.  I had all of these dreams and hopes about my life, but they all disappeared.  Some sort of strange, weird, epiphany occurred to me and it all left me with an emptiness, something that I can’t explain. at one time, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, or who I wanted to be…I was lost. 

it was taken all away and I was confused and disorderly, but in a good way. I lost everything but now I feel my life is headed down a path that I want to go…someplace where I would feel warm and wake up everyday happy and passionate about my life.  I fell in love. And it’s not the innocent puppy love that you get in high school, this is the love that is strong throughout lifetimes.  this is the kind of love that people envy.  The kind of love that many people try to conquer, but can’t even get anywhere close.  I found the love of life. my soulmate. my everything. and it’s changed me ever since.

he is my {bliss}. 

so don’t be fooled or misguided when you see the word {bliss} throughout. it’s just a happy place for me & it’s my hope that you find your own {bliss} in your life.  I found it in Jeremy, and I know it’s cliche’ but when I found him-I really found myself. 

so your {bliss} may not be in another human being just yet-that’s ok.  Your {bliss} may be in doing something that you love, like a hobby or volunteer work.  Your {bliss} may come from your family, church family, or friends.  Whatever the case may be…find your {bliss} and grasp it tightly.  this world nowadays needs a few shining lights in the dark. Know what’s important, and know that early on in life.  Don’t feel empty, lost, and confused…find something that makes you happy & hold onto it.  

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